The Moral Shift


John Stonestreet

Glenn Sunshine

Not that long ago, what we ate was considered a matter of personal preference. Our sexual behavior, on the other hand, was considered a matter of morality that required regulating. Times have changed.
In every society throughout history, sex has been seen as a moral matter of public concern. A primary reason for that is sex can result in children. So, it has implications for the community.
With the advent of contraception and the popularizing of abortion, sex is no longer seen as a public moral issue, but only a matter of personal choice and consent.
On the other hand, food is now increasingly seen as a moral issue, because of the ecological implications of food production and the promotion of personal health as an ultimate good.
Scripture tells us that while we should steward our bodies, all foods are acceptable if received with thanksgiving, and that God designs our sexuality with purpose and with guardrails to keep it from becoming toxic.
In other words, when we worship the creation instead of the creator, everything gets turned back to the front.


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