The Point

The Point: Jesus Replaces Lenin

Back in 1990, plans to erect a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin on a hillside in the Russian city of Vladivostok were scrapped. Recently, city officials announced plans to erect a 223-foot high statue of Jesus Christ instead. Those involved have made it clear that this statue will be as much a symbol of Russia as of Christianity. But it’s hard not to delight in the irony. Lenin led the rise of Soviet communism and now lies embalmed in Moscow, more wax than man. His project and his legacy are a complete failure. But Jesus, whose religion Lenin tried to suppress, is alive and well. He’s outlasted not only Soviet communism but every other regime that has sought to extinguish His Kingdom. Whether Russian officials will acknowledge it or not, the new statue is a monument to a Figure in history Who easily towers over and overshadows all others, and the only way to true immortality is through Him.


John Stonestreet


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