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The Point: The Anti-natalists Get It Wrong


John Stonestreet

Here’s a new word for you: Anti-natalists. These are people who don’t want people to have babies. According to the BBC, you can find them by the thousands on social media.

Anti-natalists disagree on why we shouldn’t have babies. For example, some say more babies means more global warming. Others, and I’m not making this up, say that babies cannot consent to being born.

But all anti-natalists agree that the future is grim and that humans are the problem. This is an important distinction between a Christian worldview and non-Christian worldviews.

In the 70s, scientists predicted pollution would trigger an ice age, and that the “population bomb” would lead to mass starvation. Humans are the problem.

Scripture teaches that humans are stewards of God’s creation. We can be part of the problem, but humans are also part of the solution.

We innovate new food and energy sources, we improve technology and efficiency.  Each new person brings a new mind and new talents. That’s why so many of the anti-human prophecies have been dead wrong.


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