The Point

The Point: The Rush to Death


John Stonestreet

Supporters of assisted suicide always make the case for legalized killing by talking about “proper safeguards.”

It’s a lie.

We’ve seen it over and over. In Belgium and the Netherlands and even here in the United States, the merely depressed, not just the terminally ill, are being euthanized. Families pressuring medical staff to end granny’s life. And, as one Nevada doctor reports, insurance companies denying palliative care because death is cheaper.

Now one of its only safeguards in the state of Oregon has been eliminated: the 15-day waiting period. That’s right, if a physician decides you have less than 15 days to live, you can end your life immediately.

As one National Right to Life spokesperson told WORLD magazine, “Unrestricted access is likely the assisted suicide advocate’s real goal.” Of course, it is. Why else, for instance, would doctors and so-called “ethicists” in Canada call for the killing of minors and the mentally ill?

Safeguards? Don’t buy it. And don’t let your legislator buy it either.


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