The Point

The Point: What Evidence Do You Have that There Is a God?


John Stonestreet

Does God exist? That’s the most ultimate of all ultimate questions. We’re quick to say, “Of course He does,” but what if a friend or a co-worker responds: “But there’s no evidence that God exists, so I can’t believe in him.” What would you say?

Good question… in fact, What Would You Say? is the title of a brand-new resource from the Colson Center. Think quick, trustworthy, and repeatable answers to our culture’s hardest questions.

And the latest video released is “Is there evidence that God exists?” Too many Christians respond, “You just got to have faith.” But that implies there is no evidence! In fact, the evidence for God’s existence is overwhelming, and you and I have to be ready to share it!

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There are answers… you can speak with clarity and conviction.


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