The Sexual Revolution

Did the sexual revolution really set women free? It may surprise you to learn that even many feminists are beginning to say no. Ever since the sixties, when the sexual revolution swept our country, a small but important group has known the truth all along. I'm talking about doctors who have performed the 30 million abortions on women who joined the sexual revolution but now wish they hadn't. In her new book Real Choices, Frederica Mathewes-Green studies forces that have allowed American women to demand one of the world's highest abortion rates. She finds that one major force has been the widespread acceptance of a patently false maxim of the sixties. That maxim is that women don't need a wedding ring just to have sex. You see, the so-called "New Morality" of the sixties, made possible by the birth-control pill, meant that women could enjoy a freewheeling lifestyle of fun and sex without consequences. Well, many women are finally realizing that freewheeling sex isn't what it was cracked up to be. And that it isn't what they want. (As an aside—it isn't what men want, either. At least not real men.) As feminist writer Germaine Greer now admits, most women want, not free sex, but emotional intimacy with a man. But they've bought into the false sales pitch that casual sex is the way to get it. The real irony is that feminism was co-opted by the Playboy philosophy of sex without commitment—and without negative consequences. But the negative results did happen. They happened to the millions of single women who found themselves pregnant. It's no accident, after all, that the vast majority of women who abort are unmarried. We Christians who want to lower the abortion rate have to reach these women before they buy into the nonsense of "free sex." The best way we can do that is to live lives that exemplify the ancient truth that sexual union is part of a larger spiritual oneness. And that this spiritual union naturally offers the pledge to experience all of life together, forever, "for better or for worse." Then in this context we can demonstrate that even unexpected babies can be a treasure. It's when this context is lost that babies end up as abortion-clinic trash. There is some good news in this regard: It's that young women today realize that the sexual revolution was a fraud. One study, for example, finds that 84 percent of teenage girls want to learn how to say no to sex. As Real Choices reports, these girls just need to know how to say no "without hurting the [boy's] feelings." These teens already reject the cultural elite's propaganda that one girl describes "like a command: You will have sex—it's the law." That's the tragic message our teens are hearing. And it's a big reason why another woman gets in line for an abortion every 20 seconds. Why don't you call us here at "BreakPoint" and order a copy of Real Choices. You'll learn how to offer women—especially teenagers—the biblical view of sexuality. The view that can truly set them free.


Chuck Colson


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