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We Can Build Bridges


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

In the wake of riots and protests that run from righteous anger to unrighteous violence, Christians are asking what we can do. Sometimes, what we can’t do is so overwhelming, we miss what we can do. But, we can join churches and volunteers across the country in helping clean up damage, and to provide food and supplies to those in need.

We can get to know, and find ways to serve, those of other races. In Virginia Beach, pastors held a foot washing ceremony with white pastors washing the feet of black pastors, and vice versa. We can pray together, like churches in Chattanooga did, just weeks after responding together to a night of destruction from tornadoes

Today, on the BreakPoint podcast, I talk with Detroit Pastor Chris Brooks and author Andy Crouch about the need for patience in the pursuit of justice, balanced with what Martin Luther King called “the fierce urgency of now.”


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