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We Need Boys and Men Like Bridger Walker


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

Bridger Walker is a six-year-old boy from Wyoming who threw himself between his younger sister and an attacking dog. By protecting his sister and maybe saving her life, Bridger’s face was mauled. It took 90 stitches to sew up.

The accolades for Bridger’s courage continue to pour in. The WBC sent him a championship belt. Captain America Actor Chris Evans sent him an “authentic” Captain America shield.

And it doesn’t seem like all the adulation is going to his head. When Bridger learned about the GoFundMe account set up for him, Bridger asked folks to contribute to Veterans’ charities instead.

As my BreakPoint This Week co-host Shane Morris wrote at, “This little warrior knows better than many males my age what masculinity means.” Selflessness, protecting the vulnerable, taking risks.

Come to to read Shane’s outstanding reflection on Bridger and why—especially in this age that denies or worse attacks masculinity–we need boys to be boys. And to become men.


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