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Timothy D Padgett

It’s a confusing world.

There are the longstanding questions that believers have faced in every age, but something seems different these days. In the past we might think to find an answer if we looked hard enough, but now all the world around us gets quite fussy if we dare to hope for such a thing.

Is the world right?

Sometimes what we need is not just the simple fact of an answer to our pressing questions but the hope that there is such a thing as an answer. The Faith of the Bible lives out this hope on every page.

After all, if Christianity is true, it’s not just “true for us.” It’s just flat-out true. Not only can we think about it, we can think with it, about anything and everything. The reality of Christianity gives us the hope that there is an answer out there.

Do you have a question about the Christian worldview? Is there something about the Bible or what it means to live Christianly that you’d like explained? Ask the Colson Center.

Send us your questions and concerns, on social media or by emailing us at

We’ll do our best to answer them. Maybe we’ll know the answer; maybe it’ll need to be a journey we go on together. Whichever the case, we know we can step forward, full of confidence in the self-revealing God of the Bible.


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