What Would You Say?

Does Late-Term Abortion Help Women?


Brooke B. McIntire

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Late-term abortions are rare and only done when the mother’s life is at risk. If we limit late-term abortions, we’ll only be hurting women.”

What would you say?

Abortion-advocacy groups often claim that late-term abortions are exceedingly rare. In fact, since 91 percent of all abortions are done in the first trimester and only nine percent are performed later, late-term abortions are only performed, they claim, when it is medically necessary to protect the life of the mother.

The implication is that nobody gets a late-term abortion for convenience, but they’re not telling you the whole story.

So, the next time you’re challenged on late-term abortion, remember these three things:

First, later-term abortions are common, and many later term abortions are not performed out of medical necessity.

Second, late term abortion is a gruesome procedure.

Third, the central issue not is about who hates women and who loves them. It’s about who counts as one of us.


Click on the video to hear the entire conversation, or go to WhatWouldYouSay.org to see more like it.


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