The Point

The Point: Another Case for the Theology of Getting Fired


John Stonestreet

I’ve said before that we need a theology of getting fired. The time is coming when we may be forced to choose between our faith and our jobs.

Just ask the demonstrators in Hong Kong, many of whom are believers. Beijing is demanding that Cathay Pacific airlines disclose the names of employees participating in the protests. The airline’s new CEO is complying, and firings have begun.

That can’t happen here, right? This isn’t Communist China. Think again. Private companies and international businesses can fire at will—as Ikea did when it fired a Catholic employee in Poland who protested the company’s LGBTQ indoctrination. Or read Joel Belz’s claim in WORLD magazine, that LGBTQ advocates are targeting tax exemptions for religious organizations and charities. They’re even going after Wall Street donor advised funds that channel donations to so-called “hate groups.”

It’s a new day for American Christians. Standing for our faith and our freedoms could come at a price. Are you prepared to choose between your career and your convictions?


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