The Point

The Point: Mad, Mad World

Has the world ever been this messed up? If your only source is your news feed, you’ll be tempted to think our culture has hit an unprecedented level of moral insanity. But as Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall recently said, “The world’s always been a mess. You’re just hearing about it more.” Start with Genesis 6: Every person thought only evil all the time. Consider the chaos described the last three chapters of the book of Judges—and that’s talking about God’s people. But then, go to Ruth, and then to 1 Samuel. There we learn God is perfectly capable of accomplishing His purposes, and even chooses to work through those who seek Him. In the midst of horrific moral darkness, He uses Ruth, Boaz, and Hannah as part of His plan to deliver His people. Now don’t get me wrong; our culture is certainly not okay. It is literally denying reality and calling it progress. Jesus told us to expect trouble, but He also told us that He has overcome the world. For more on faith and culture, come to    


John Stonestreet


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