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BreakPoint: Toy Box Propaganda

Lies Too Dangerous to Ignore

Wise parents try to keep their kids from being influenced by the lies in our culture. That often means not..Read more

BreakPoint: Make Me a Match

Churches Can Reconnect Singles…and Society

Despite our ever-greater mobility and even more efficient connectivity, sociologists continue to note that Americans struggle to form lasting, fulfilling..Read more

BreakPoint: Gay Marriage = Interracial Marriage?

Answering an Apples-to-Oranges Argument

For years now, Christians defending the biblical definition of marriage have dealt with a particularly frustrating retort: “Well, Christians used..Read more

BreakPoint: Parental Rights and the “Pelvic Issues”

Gender Transitions Easier than Tonsillectomies

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has famously compared having an abortion with getting your tonsils out. It’s not a fair analogy..Read more